Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

Art to wear since 1973

yellow gold white gold pink diamonds
gold ring coloured diamonds

Diamond Rings

Diamonds in all their sparkling beauty have come to symbolise purity, eternal love & fidelity.

Perfect in their structure, diamonds are known as the King Of Gems.

Our unique diamond rings are perfect for wedding and engagement rings. Each ring is unique and contains a natural, ethically sourced, untreated diamond. We carry diamonds in a range of colours, cuts and shapes and we can also source a diamond to suit your needs. We have an extensive range available to choose from and we are happy to work with your budget in mind

If there is something you like but it’s not quite right, contact us and we can create something to order.

These elegant diamond rings are currently available in our Yallingup gallery

 If you would like further information on the diamonds in any of these rings please feel free to contact us. We also carry a range of beautiful diamond rings in our Margaret River gallery that will be available for viewing on our website soon.

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These diamond rings have already sold but we can make something similar to suit your needs.