Sterling Silver Cuffs

Sterling Silver Cuffs

Art to wear since 1973

sterling silver cuffs geckos shells
sterling silver cuffs


Although not common in commercial jewellery stores, we find silver cuffs are incredibly comfortable and can be worn 24/7 without problem. Cuffs can be easily slipped on and off as desired when they are the correct size. It is always best to avoid bending cuffs. Visit either our Yallingup or Margaret gallery to find one that fits just right, and get a demonstration on the best way to take it on and off with ease.

As each piece is unique, the images on our website are an indication of the beautiful pieces we have made and can create. We carry a range of sizes and styles in various designs. If you would like to know what we have available for sale in our gallery please contact us.

Prices start from$475.00

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